Overflow Women’s Ministry

“Equipping the women of Hillside in God’s abundant love so that it overflows through them to their community and world.”

We are so excited to share with you our plan for 2023. It will include:

  1. ANCHORED: A Monthly Teaching Program
  2. PROPELLED: A Quarterly Social Program
  3. BEACON Our Community Engagement and Outreach Program!

In addition to this we have an INSTAGRAM Account so follow us at @overflowhillside and we will be starting a RTU (Raise Them Up) Blog to encourage the women and the next generation of girls at Hillside (and those in the community around us).

We are SO excited about all that is coming…just bear with us while we gear back up and get all set to be in community once again! The women’s ministry at Hillside church seeks to create a comfortable environment where we can create authentic relationships. The focus is outward and on filling each other up so that we can then pour into others.

For more information, please contact Rebecca at women@hillsidechurchmountalbert.com.