Easter Sunday 2021

Easter Service: Sunday, April 4, 2021
Hello everyone,

I wanted to inform you that this evening, we found out that our son, Jacob, has possibly been exposed to COVID-19 and as a result, our entire family is required to isolate for 14 days. This means that I cannot be present at church for Easter Sunday, even though we remain symptom free at the moment.

Since this is an unforeseen complication to logistics for our Easter morning service, and because we have had issue with broadcasting video to the sanctuary and online simultaneously, we have made the decision to move to an online only service for this week. We felt that trying to troubleshoot a solution to enable an onsite service in such a short time frame might only lead to a disrupted service on Sunday and our desire is to allow Sunday to be a great morning of celebration.

Additionally, a number of those involved in our service production over the past week have sensed an increased level of spiritual warfare. We know our enemy would like nothing more than to create disruption and distraction as we seek to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. We refuse to give our enemy even a toe hold against us and feel that moving to an online format permits us to best thwart his schemes against us.

We would appreciate prayers that we, as well as, all families affected by this situation, would remain symptom free.

Please join us online for our Easter Sunday worship service on Sunday at 10am and be ready to sing loudly in praise to the Resurrected One!

Pastor Scott