Spy Academy Boot Camp Scavenger Hunt

Will you be able complete the full rigours of the Spy Academy and earn the top level of Spy Cadet? There is only one way to find out! Sign up, as a family, to test your metal at the Spy Academy Boot Camp set up at Hillside Church. Test your memory and deduction skills, along with your agility and observation skills, to earn your entry into the Spy Academy and the right to be called a Spy Cadet! Sign up by clicking here. Because of the great interest and success of the first four days of this event, we have extended opportunity to participate into next week on Tuesday, June 30 and Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Register your family for your time slot, and note that only one family will be on the course at a time. This event is designed to be completed as a family, tailored to children of VBS age (JK – Grade 6); it is not a drop off event. All potential Junior Cadets are the responsibility of their Senior Cadets and not the course staff. The Spy Boot Camp will comply with all COVID-19 safety recommendations and will be an outdoor event. Staff of the course will remain socially distant as Cadets complete the course.